This is a roleplay based of the series .hack. You can choose your own character classes and you can have items and whatnot that are actually from .hack. Here you can be your very own character.
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 Lunyka [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Lunyka [Accepted]   Lunyka [Accepted] EmptyTue Oct 21, 2008 10:05 pm

Name: Lunyka
Class: Wavemaster
Job: Rare Item Hunter
Race: Elf
Level: 100
Weapon: A special high level staff called The Rainbow Lycoris.
Spell Levels: 3 or 4
Items: 99 Nobel Wines plus other rare items hidden away in her hide out.
Personality: Is willing to Help Newbies as they come along. She seems nice but strong. To those who really know her in game she can be known for her hyperness and exciteablility
History: She had been playing the game first as a beta tester and has always stuck with it. Eventually the CC Corp Hired her to take after the world as an Admin.
Before CC Corp:
Lunyka [Accepted] FateStayNight331

After CC Corp:
Lunyka [Accepted] FateStayNight29

Out of Game-
Name: Katherine Vayandal
Age: 24
Job: CC Corp Admin
School: N/A
Race: White
Country: American
Personality: Very hyper and energetic. Is known for liking to help.
History: At the age of 15 she started to play The World and now she actually gets paid to do so.She no longer lives with her parents and lives quite comfortably in a rather small state.
Lunyka [Accepted] Seri
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Lunyka [Accepted]
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