This is a roleplay based of the series .hack. You can choose your own character classes and you can have items and whatnot that are actually from .hack. Here you can be your very own character.
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 Non-elemental Spells

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Non-elemental Spells Empty
PostSubject: Non-elemental Spells   Non-elemental Spells EmptyTue Oct 21, 2008 9:48 pm

Name Target SP Type Level
Summon Goblin Area 25 Summon 1
More Goblins Area 30 Summon 2
Goblin King Area 35 Summon 3
Meow Area ?? Summon 3
King of Goblins Area 40 Summon 4
Stuck? Area 130 Summon 4
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Non-elemental Spells
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