This is a roleplay based of the series .hack. You can choose your own character classes and you can have items and whatnot that are actually from .hack. Here you can be your very own character.
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 Long Arms.

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PostSubject: Long Arms.   Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:52 pm

They are best known for their pole arm weapons and light movement.

Long Arms are considered to be near equal to Twin Blades, differing only in that they have greater attack and defense stats as well as far superior range while sacrificing the magical capabilites and multi-hit skills of the Twin Blade. Long Arms also share the same HP and SP growths as Heavy Blades and Blademasters.

Long Arms are capable of naturally reaching a stat of 99 for Physical Attack. Long Arm skills are multi-hit, but don't hit as many times as a Twin Blade. The Double Sweep family of skills employs the Long Arm's massive range by dealing two strong hits of damage to all enemies within range of the spear.

Long arms specialize in powerful physical attacks. Most of their attacks can deal incredible amounts of damage. They make use of the Fire, Thunder, Water, and Wood elements. They make up for their high damage by having a fairly lengthy cooldown between hits, and having fairly useless area of effect attacks. Their Double Sweep line of skills, which hits all nearby enemies only has a small range.

* Double Sweep (Lv. 1)
o Vak Wipe (Fire, Lv. 2)
o Vakz Tempest (Fire, Lv. 3)
o Rai Wipe (Thunder, Lv. 2)
o Raio Tempest (Thunder, Lv. 3)
o Rue Wipe (Water, Lv. 2)
o Ruem Tempest (Water, Lv. 3)
o Juk Wipe (Wood, Lv. 2)
o Juka Tempest (Wood, Lv. 3)

* Repulse Cage (Lv. 1)
o Vak Repulse (Fire, Lv. 2)
o GiVak Vortex (Fire, Lv. 3)
o Rai Repulse (Thunder, Lv. 2)
o GiRai Vortex (Thunder, Lv. 3)
o Rue Repulse (Water, Lv. 2)
o GiRue Vortex (Water, Lv. 3)
o Juk Repulse (Wood, Lv. 2)
o GiJuk Vortex (Wood, Lv. 3)

* Triple Doom (Lv. 1)
o Vak Doom (Fire, Lv. 2)
o GiVak Doom (Fire, Lv. 3)
o Rai Doom (Thunder, Lv. 2)
o GiRai Doom (Thunder, Lv. 3)
o Rue Doom (Water, Lv. 2)
o GiRue Doom (Water, Lv. 3)
o Juk Doom (Wood, Lv. 2)
o GiJuk Doom (Wood, Lv. 3)

Famous people in the class:
Cobalt Knights

(.hack//wikia for the info)
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Long Arms.
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