This is a roleplay based of the series .hack. You can choose your own character classes and you can have items and whatnot that are actually from .hack. Here you can be your very own character.
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 Heavy Axeman

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PostSubject: Heavy Axeman   Heavy Axeman EmptyWed Oct 15, 2008 8:47 pm

They specialize in the use of axes, and are the physically strongest of all the classes.

Heavy Axemen boast the best physical attack and HP growth bar none. Their physical accuracy is also greater than that of Blademasters. This unfortunately comes with the tradeoff of a much slower walking speed and attack speed. Due to their overwhelming HP advantage as well as their decent physical and magical defenses, Heavy Axemen are the tanks of The World, best left right in front of a strong opponent and trading blows. They unfortunately don't do so well against faster enemies and magic-casting enemies unless they get the first strike in.

The skills of Heavy Axeman focus mostly on power. They are geared towards targeting multiple enemies and dealing large amounts of damage. In return their attacks only hit a few times, and are fairly inaccurate. They have access to the elements of darkness, earth, thunder, and water.

* Brandish (Lv. 1)
o Ani Basher (Darkness, Lv. 2)
o Anid Punisher (Darkness, Lv. 3)
o Gan Basher (Earth, Lv. 2)
o Ganz Punisher (Earth, Lv. 3)
o Rai Basher (Thunder, Lv. 2)
o Raio Punisher (Thunder, Lv. 3)
o Rue Basher (Water, Lv. 2)
o Ruem Punisher (Water, Lv. 3)

* Axel Pain (Lv. 1)
o Ani Break (Darkness, Lv. 2)
o GiAni Break (Darkness, Lv. 3)
o Gan Break (Earth, Lv. 2)
o GiGan Break (Earth, Lv. 3)
o Rai Break (Thunder, Lv. 2)
o GiRai Break (Thunder, Lv. 3)
o Rue Break (Water, Lv. 2)
o GiRue Break (Water, Lv. 3)

* Triple Wield (Lv. 1)
o Ani Tornado (Darkness, Lv. 2)
o GiAni Rampage (Darkness, Lv. 3)
o Gan Tornado (Earth, Lv. 2)
o GiGan Rampage (Earth, Lv. 3)
o Rai Tornado (Thunder, Lv. 2)
o GiRai Rampage (Thunder, Lv. 3)
o Rue Tornado (Water, Lv. 2)
o GiRue Rampage (Water, Lv. 3)

Famous people in the class:

(.hack//wikia for the information)
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Heavy Axeman
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