This is a roleplay based of the series .hack. You can choose your own character classes and you can have items and whatnot that are actually from .hack. Here you can be your very own character.
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Blademasters are well known to be rather strong here in the world.

They use one medium-sized one-handed blade in battle.

Blademasters rank third in terms of attack growth and rank first in terms of physical defense growth. Although their growth is slower than that of Heavy Axemen and Heavy Blades, the fact that they can reach a stat of 99 in all physical categories coupled with their relatively fast attack speed and area skills makes them the highest tier physical class

Blademasters are fairly average in their skills. Their attacks skills are fairly powerful, and have multiple hits. They have a fairly diverse range of attack elements as well, utilizing Darkness, Earth, Fire, and Water elements in their skills.

* Cross Slash (Lv. 1)
o Ani Slash (Darkness, Lv. 2)
o GiAni Slash (Darkness, Lv. 3)
o Gan Slash (Earth, Lv. 2)
o GiGan Slash (Earth, Lv. 3)
o Vak Slash (Fire, Lv. 2)
o GiVak Slash (Fire, Lv. 3)
o Rue Slash (Water, Lv. 2)
o GiRue Slash (Water, Lv. 3)

* Crack Beat (Lv. 1)
o Ani Crack (Darkness, Lv. 2)
o GiAni Crack (Darkness, Lv. 3)
o Gan Crack (Earth, Lv. 2)
o GiGan Crack (Earth, Lv. 3)
o Vak Crack (Fire, Lv. 2)
o GiVak Crack (Fire, Lv. 3)
o Rue Crack (Water, Lv. 2)
o GiRue Crack (Water, Lv. 3)

* Revolver (Lv. 1)
o Ani Revolver (Darkness, Lv. 2)
o Anid Spiral (Darkness, Lv. 3)
o Gan Revolver (Earth, Lv. 2)
o Ganz Spiral (Earth, Lv. 3)
o Vak Revolver (Fire, Lv. 2)
o Vakz Spiral (Fire, Lv. 3)
o Rue Revolver (Water, Lv. 2)
o Ruem Spiral (Water, Lv. 3)

Famous people in the class:
The Crimson Knights (Group)

(.hack//wikia for the info.)
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