This is a roleplay based of the series .hack. You can choose your own character classes and you can have items and whatnot that are actually from .hack. Here you can be your very own character.
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 Edge Punisher

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PostSubject: Edge Punisher   Edge Punisher EmptyWed Oct 15, 2008 9:19 pm

Edge Punishers excel in physical attacking, especially against armored foes; however, they are much slower than classes such as the Blade Brandier. Edge Punishers also have higher defense from the heavy armors they can equip.

# Tiger Blitz (Target: Unit, Normal, SP Required: 12, Job Lv. 1)
# Twin Moons (Target: Unit, Aerial, SP Required: 15, Job Lv. 3)
# Armor Pierce (Target: Unit, Piercing, SP Required: 18, Job Lv. 5)
# Bone Crusher (Target: Area, Piercing, SP Required: 20, Job Lv. 7)
# Tiger Strike (Target: Area, Normal, SP Required: 28, Job Lv. 12)
# Shell Breaker (Target: Unit, Piercing, SP Required: 36, Job Lv. 15)
# Armor Break (Lv.3 Art, Target: Unit, Piercing, SP required: 62*, Job Lv. 21)

(info from .hack//wikia)
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Edge Punisher
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