This is a roleplay based of the series .hack. You can choose your own character classes and you can have items and whatnot that are actually from .hack. Here you can be your very own character.
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 Universal Rules

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PostSubject: Universal Rules   Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:40 pm

1. The picture of your character goes in your avatar.

2. You cannot be any character from the series but you can be your own character.

3. No god-modding

4. No excessive swearing. I can understand every once in a while but not every other word.

5. Please type the best of your ability.

6. No mary/garys. We don't need them here and they are annoying.

7. This site is rated PG-13. Don't post anything sexual or illegal here. Save that your your actual e-mails and over IMs.

These rules are subject to change at anytime and please remember the admin can do what they want.
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Universal Rules
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